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Complicated commercial disputes
in arbitration courts and comprehensive legal counseling for large and medium-size business

We achieve success for our clients by combining expertise, technology and industry-specific experience

About company

LTG Consulting is a modern view on litigation and business support.

In the context of rapid economic and technological changes when it is necessary to focus on adding value as well as on new working practices business needs confidence in solving complex legal problems. That is why we offer services corresponding to deep understanding of the clients’ business goals, innovative legal thinking, in-house know-how and culture aimed at developing long-term relationships.

We use advanced information technologies Legal Tech to solve legal problems. We skillfully combine automated decision making with current court practice and Russian reality.

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Why business chooses LTG Consulting

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    Efficiency and promptness

    Own unique techniques and tactics that significantly increase the chances of winning in the arbitration dispute and reduce the legal proceedings time

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    Competence and comprehensiveness

    A team of specialists with rich industry-specific experience prepares consolidated and systematic solution of the problem taking into account all possible events options

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    Credibility and professional competence

    We carefully examine the details, weigh and recheck the decision. We achieve results by all means

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LTG Consulting lawyers solve complex legal issues in various branches of law, the most particular of which are the following: debt collection, challenging corporate actions, developer’s bankruptcy, bringing managers and owners to subsidiary liability, business splitting up and transfer pricing, challenging tenders and auctions results, recognition of rights to land plots, challenging tax authorities decisions on tax imputation, challenging transactions and termination of contracts, disputes about intellectual rights infringement.

If you have a difficult or unusual case or dispute

we will help you for free

Everyone has got the right to defend his/her interests and freedoms in court. Once a month LTG Consulting lawyers provide assistance to the distressed natural persons free of charge. If you also need to protect your rights in bankruptcy disputes, cases related to protection of rights and lawful interests of a group of persons or if you are brought to court as the third party, leave an application and we will certainly contact you.

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These companies have already chosen LTG Consulting /05

These companies have already chosen LTG Consulting

LTG Consulting clients are leading companies in the Russian IT, real estate and construction, telecommunications, retail trade, pharmaceutical, transport and financial markets.

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What do we appreciate
  • What do we appreciate


    Proactiveness and independence

    You do not wait for something to happen, you act! You have got experience of self-facilitated project support.

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    Perfectionism and perseverance

    You do everything perfectly well from the first time, you are diligent and able to cope with the most complex contractual schemes and procedural algorithms.

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    Professional competence

    You know the fundamentals of corporate law and bankruptcy, you are aware of the latest changes in the legislation, you monitor the up-to-date court practice.

  • Become a member of our team

    We are constantly in search of talents. If you are ambitious and enthusiastic, send your CV and we will definitely reply.

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We offer
  • We offer


    High salary with bonus motivation system

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    Professional and career development in the company

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    Interesting and large-scale projects in various industries

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    Friendly atmosphere and reliable team

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